The Roosevelt Candy Ban: Pros and Cons

Camille S., Staff Writer

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As of this year, the school has banned teachers from giving you candy because of certain health risks. Of course, the school must do certain things to insure no one has an allergic reaction to food given out, but have they taken it too far? Also, how did this happen and why did they ban candy? Whether or not you believe it was the correct decision, this article will show the pros and cons of this ban on candy.

First of all, why? Why did the school ban candy after multiple years of being fine with it? For that question, I interviewed the person in charge. Our principal, Mr. Garstki. I found out that we have the candy ban, not because of the school hating us, no. But because of simple reasons like it being unhealthy and such. Candy has no nutritional value, it’s just sugar. 

Also there is a movement going on for candy not to be served in school so that school is not a candy hotspot for kids. This means that school does not become a place where kids can get candy at every turn.  Mr. Garstki does say this is more for schools with large candy handing out problems, while our school is a bit better. We don’t have a huge number of students or teachers constantly giving out candy to others.  Also,  as we all know, allergies are a big factor too. Having an allergic reaction is very serious and he also said that everyone would feel pretty bad if someone was injured because of candy. I also asked him for how long this ban would be in place. He said that most likely it will be here for awhile.

Let’s review.  What are the pros and cons of this candy ban?

  • No allergic reactions to any candy the school gives
  • Candy will not be the reason anyone accomplishes anything. No one is going to be a better student because of candy
  • Sugar is addictive!
  • No one becomes very unhealthy because we feed them too much candy
  • Teachers will not be annoyed by students always asking for candy


  • Teachers have to get rid of a of reward that works fairly well

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